The Perfect Gift for your Groom

Imagine your wedding night... The festivities are over and you're sitting there on the bed with your husband (who looks so handsome right now) and he passes you a gift, all wrapped up in white paper with a soft pink ribbon around it. You smile 🙂 and start to open it. You slide the ribbon off the box. "WHAT IS IT???" you ask yourself, and slowly lift the top off the box. You smile at him again. You love him so much! Then you fold back the tissue paper and lying there before you... a coffee mug/robe/phone case that says 'Wifey' on it. Seriously? Another coffee mug? But it's from him, so you kiss him and say thank you. He tried really hard! Then you reach for yours to him...

You're the kind of bride who doesn't just want to get him a flask or a watch. Why not get him something so special that it could only come from you? Something as personal as can be, that no other bride can buy for her husband. Something you can't just order from Amazon and shipped here in 2 days. So what can you get for him?

A little black book

Doing a boudoir shoot is not only a sensual, playful, unique gift you can give your partner, but something that you can love as well. And after doing a fun, empowering boudoir shoot, you get an actual book of how awesome you are. And even if you both don't sit down every week and admire your album together, it's a celebration of where you are at this point in your life. After 15 years of marriage, a couple of kids, and simply not being as young as we are now, you can look back through those photos and remember that exciting time in your life.

It really is for him!

A boudoir album isn't just something you can enjoy together on your wedding night. Every time he has to travel for work, you can slip it into his suitcase to bring with him. Or if you're the jet-setter, you can leave it on your pillow when you leave.

The big thing that's going to light up his day is seeing the new spark in you. A new confidence. When you see yourself in those photos, you can't help but feel good, and that energy is contagious. He's certainly going to notice. And seeing you happy, is what makes him happy.

Is a boudoir shoot right for you?

If you're even just curious about it, let's schedule a no-obligation, free consultation. You can check out samples and see if it really feels right for you.

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