Because you are not standard issue.


This experience is about who you are. It is nothing short of everything and anything you choose to express. It can be as creative, goofy, and fun as you’d like it to be. It can be serious and sophisticated. It will be emotive.

Your fingerprint on the world and the effect you have over everything in your life is truly one-of-a-kind. I understand what it means for you to open up and allow me to photograph your vulnerabilities, strengths, dreams, and everything that makes you unique. Together, we will create a very distinct and compelling un-portrait. It is a deeply personal experience, one that I never take for granted. And you’re going to have a pretty good time. I don’t like anything boring, so I promise we’ll have fun.

Imagine yourself on top of the world. That’s what I’m going to show you.

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The Shoot

We’ll spend a little time chatting about what makes you, you. Then I’ll put all the pieces in to the cement mixer that is my mind and I’ll put together the perfect way to showcase your awesomeness. You can rent an outfit from Rent The Runway, for FREE, and I’ll help you pick out another outfit or two as well. We can play with lots of fabric, or smoke, or fire, or paint… Anything is possible. Anything.

Then sip some Champagne while my professional stylist does your hair and makeup. Now you’re looking your best and you’re ready to take on the world. Let’s do this.

I’ll help you with posing, and everything else we need to get amazing photos. We’ll move around to a few different spots, and you can change outfits too. You are NOT one dimensional.

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Printing your photos

We’re creating art pieces for your home. Heirlooms to pass down. And something special to remind you of this time in your life. This is why I’ve put together the perfect packages for you to show off your photos exactly how you want them, and in the way that best features the artwork.

The value of a printed photograph is not even comparable to a digital image. Seeing your portrait standing out on the wall every day will bring you so much more joy than 27 likes on Facebook. This is why all of my printing options are centered around real, tangible prints. But since I know you like to share them with others who may not be dropping by your house any time soon, I do include a high quality digital album app for your phone or tablet. You’ll always have a digital copy of the prints you’ve chosen with you, and it is designed to let you share the images with ease via email, text, and social media.

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Un-Portrait sessions are $250 and include

  • personalized consultation
  • Professional hair and makeup styling
  • an outfit from Rent The Runway + wardrobe styling
  • 1-2 hour personalized photo shoot
  • full retouching of your photos

Click here to view my full guide and menu of printing options.

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