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Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. ~Pablo Picasso

The most cherished and beautiful journey you will ever take is the one with your family. Those unforgettable memories created by sharing laughs, the joy of watching your children grow and learn, watching your children’s children do the same, and visiting destinations together that take your breath away. Whether you’re newly engaged, on the road to parenthood, or seeking a memorable way to preserve a moment in time before your children grow another year older, I believe we will always have a desire to share the story of our lives and relive the experiences as we share them with others.

Everyone has a story to tell and everyone’s story deserves telling. ~Mike Lloyd

As a visual storyteller, I am honored to have the opportunity to give your family a lasting image to cherish for generations to come, to showcase the life you’ve built together and the uniqueness of the individuals that make it complete. Developing such powerful imagery and witnessing the emotional reactions of each family member as I reveal their portraits, because everything that matters to them is in that photo, is the epitome of why I do what I do.

From concept to completion, it is my goal to capture your family’s energy and connection through the art of photography, delivering customized art pieces as unique and expressive as each smile and personality that shines across my lens. I focus on (pun intended) marking a specific moment in your lives, a culmination of everything you’ve experienced, through a tangible collection of personalized prints and albums. This is your story and I’m here to tell it in a way that allows you to proudly hang it in your home and pass it on to future generations.

I understand and value the importance of documenting your family as you change, especially as your children grow and eventually start families of their own. As you return every few years to update your family portraits, I look forward to being by your side as the next chapter in your lives is written.

Let’s create something magical.

I want everyone I photograph to feel like they’re on the cover of a magazine, or the main character in their favorite story. ~Mike Lloyd

untitled shoot-009-EditI am a hopeful romantic, a curious traveler, a passionate artist, and an inquisitive learner. I never stop striving to educate myself in regards to the world around me. I live to discover the history of where I am and the culture and ideologies of the people I meet. I am always encouraging others to do the same. Exploring my surroundings has always been a passion and a priority and this is the attitude and goal I bring to every photo shoot. I am always exploring new techniques, locations, moods, and stories and the various other ways to tell them.

Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life ~Confucius

I am a Campbell, California native and an SJSU graduate with degrees in hospitality management and business. There is so much innovation in the heart of Silicon Valley. It’s difficult to not be inspired by the continuous creation and recreation of ideas and the diversity this area has to offer. With a seemingly infinite stream of art pouring from all directions, I manage to pull inspiration from just about anywhere, aiding in fulfilling my continuous need and desire to create. Some of my ideas come from movies, music, architecture, and even interior design. Life inspires me.

I immerse myself in the outdoors as much as possible. You might find me hiking, fishing, and rock climbing, then swirling a glass of wine in the kitchen whipping up some fine faire for my closest friends. I’m a huge WWII history buff and travel sales are my Achilles’ heal. San Francisco is another community that I find absolutely fascinating and inspiring. I love dressing up and attending costume parties and events in one of the most prolific cities in the world.  

My name is Mike Lloyd and there is nothing on this planet (or elsewhere) that gives me purpose like exploring photography.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ~Winston Churchill

I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down. ~Abraham Lincoln

As a fellow working professional, I understand the value of time, without sacrificing quality. Whether we meet in my studio, at your office, or somewhere in between, I will bring the tools and experience necessary to quickly and efficiently bring out the best in you to help you make a valuable first impression.

During your headshot session, the photos will appear on my Retina Display Macbook Pro with each click of the shutter. This is one of the many reasons so many professionals choose me to take their headshots. It is a convenient and effective way for us to view your images as the session progresses and identify what we like and don’t like in order to make the necessary adjustments for the next shot. I also offer full retouching at no extra cost.

I uphold my responsibility of giving you a finished headshot that boldly reflects your profession AND your personality. Rather than use the same look and style for everyone I photograph, we will customize your session to your style and character. We will break free from the mold to recognize and convey the best way to represent you.

My headshot session fee is $197.

This includes your personalized photo session and three fully retouched images of your choice.

Additional retouched images are $75 each.

I also offer group rates and the ability to set up my studio in your company’s office.

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Amazing photographs. Mike likes to think outside of the box for his models, resulting in edgy, beautiful pictures. He picks perfect scenes for each specific model and follows it with very professional editing.


Mike is my go-to photographer for all my client photo shoots. My clients are consistently impressed with his professionalism and appreciate his direction, creativity and humor to produce the best shots.

michelle-096-2 (1)

I had the pleasure of working with Mike to get professional photos taken of my business and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


Mike is the best photographer in town. A very fun person to work with. He captured the soul of our family.


Prepare to enjoy your initial viewing! Going through the photos was a highly personalized and fun part of the experience.