Families and Engagements

Family & Engagement Un-Portraits.

Because you are not standard issue.


You’re likely here for one of two reasons. You are loooong overdue for family photos (maybe you’ve never done them before at all!) or you are recently engaged and you want to celebrate this monumentous milestone and send out invitations that friends and family will keep on their fridge long after your wedding. This is all about family, and the creation of personalized un-portraits to actually show you being you. 

You’ve thought about having portraits taken but you’re never walk down the beach in identical outfits holding hands. You’re a family of individuals with unique personalities. You’re a team, a posse, a crew. Celebrate that individuality!

One thing is for sure, you have a lot on your plate. Raising kids or planning the perfect wedding are full time jobs. That’s why I make this process easy for you. I’ll hold your hand, figuratively, and guide you through the experience.

Not sure where to start? Relax. I’ve got you.

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The Shoot

I know you have a busy schedule. And you probably don’t get to spend enough time doing nice things for yourself. That’s why I make my portrait sessions about the experience as much as it is about the photographs. I will help you plan out what to wear, where we’ll go, and everything else we need to do to make this the best day possible. I know the ins and outs of planning fun photo shoots and I’ll make sure you’re set up for success. There’s no need to stress. At all.

On the day of, we’ll open a bottle of Champagne and you can relax for an hour while my professional stylist does your hair and makeup. Enjoy the downtime. You’re allowed to have fun. Then, if we haven’t already, we’ll lay out your outfits and make sure we have the best choices for the day. You’re going to look your absolute best.

During the session I’ll set up in the best places and pose you in ways that don’t feel like you’re posing for a 90s glamour shot! I don’t like boring things, so you can count on everyone actually having a good time. We’ll go for an hour or so, during which we’ll move to different spots and change outfits and by the end, you’ll feel like you’ve been on vacation. Since you’re already dressed up, I suggest making reservations somewhere because a nice dinner to unwind will be the perfect way to wrap things up.

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Printing your photos

We’re creating art pieces for your home. Heirlooms to pass down. Your wedding photos are for you, but these are the photos you can share with friends and family that they would actually hang up in their homes. This is why I’ve put together the perfect packages for you to show off your photos exactly how you want them, and in the way that best features the artwork.

The value of a printed photograph is not even comparable to a digital image. Seeing your family portrait on the wall every morning while you make coffee will bring you so much more joy than 27 likes on Facebook. This is why all of my printing options are centered around real, tangible prints. But since I know you like to share them with others who may not be dropping by your house any time soon, I do include a high quality digital album app for your phone or tablet. You’ll always have a digital copy of the prints you’ve chosen with you, and it is designed to let you share the images with ease.

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Un-Portrait sessions are $250 and include

  • personalized consultation
  • Professional hair and makeup styling
  • an outfit from Rent The Runway + wardrobe styling
  • 1-2 hour personalized photo shoot
  • full retouching of your photos

Click here to view my full guide and menu of printing options.
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