Creative Portraits

Celebrate everything that makes you unique. Celebrate everything that makes you, you.

Creative Portrait Photography for Campbell, Los Gatos, & San Jose

Planning your perfect photo shoot

Are you secretly (or not so secretly) a super hero/princess/warrior? This is your chance to shine as the hero of your story. Let’s take what makes you, you, and bring it to life in an epic photo shoot. Let’s put you on top of the world doing what you love to do.

Not sure what to wear? I’ll help you choose the perfect outfits for your session. Nothing is off limits. We can make something special just for your shoot or you can bring what you already have. I know some unique shops around the bay area that sell and rent some breathtaking outfits we can use. This is your chance to go big!

We can travel anywhere to get the perfect photos. We have so many options here in the bay area to explore. I will find us the perfect location.

The shoot

Relax. Enjoy a glass of Champagne or bubbly water while my professional stylist does a full makeover on you. Having your hair and makeup done not only feels great, but you know you’ll look your best. My stylists have years of experience and will make sure you are wearing the perfect amount of makeup for your look. We have done everything from the most dramatic avant garde to the cleanest natural look. You’ll love the way you look. I promise.

Not sure how to pose? I will guide you through everything and you just get to have fun! I will pose you in the most flattering ways bring all of your best features forward. Your photos will be as dynamic and exciting or as gentle and moody as you want. You will truly love the way you look.

You can change looks throughout the shoot so we can cover a few of your favorite styles and outfits.

After the shoot

Once the shoot is done (1-2 hours) we’ll schedule a time to meet up a few days later to review all of the best photos from your shoot. We’ll view them all on the giant TV in my office and pick out all of your favorites and choose the perfect way for you to print them.

I’ll finish retouching everything and 1-2 weeks later you’ll have these amazing photos to that will not only make all of your friends super jealous, but you’ll be so proud to be who you are. You will also get digital copies of each image you print so you can share them all over social media.


This is not just your everyday photo session. This is a celebration of your awesomeness and bad-assery. Looking back at these photos will remind you of who you really are when you get caught up in the daily routine of work and school and all of the other speed bumps life puts in your way. I guarantee that this experience will be worth every penny.

Sessions are $199 and include professional hair/makeup styling. The shoots last 1-2 hours and we will review your images a few days after your shoot is done. There is no minimum amount to order. You can see/feel samples of everything before you choose how to print your photos.