Boudoir Photography

Book your session by May 15th, 2018 and get a free $100 gift card to the best lingerie boutique in the south bay.

You’ll be feeling fabulous in some new lingerie from Romantiques (Los Gatos).

Find the perfect fit and the perfect style to show off during your photo shoot.

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” ~Sophia Loren

Campbell – Los Gatos – San Jose Boudoir Photography

“I was shy at first (my first professional photo shoot), but Mike made me feel comfortable. I was able to loosen up because I knew I was in good hands.” ~ Eve F.

Planning your perfect photo shoot

This is all about you. Whether this is for your eyes only, or a gift for a special someone, it’s time to celebrate your beauty, to be desirable, to be your true self, to hold your head high and be the confident woman you know you are.

Not sure what to wear? I’ll help you choose the perfect outfits for your session. We can go as sexy or as subtle as you’d like. I suggest bringing more than you think you’ll need in case you change your mind during the shoot. You might be surprised how confident and comfortable you feel once we start shooting. I also work with an amazing lingerie store and a corset maker who can help fit you for the perfect new attire if you want to splurge and buy a new outfit before your session.

The shoot

Relax. Enjoy a glass of Champagne (or bubbly water) while my stylist does a full makeover on you. Having your hair and makeup done not only feels great, but you know you’ll look your best. My stylists have years of experience and will make sure you are wearing the perfect amount of makeup, so you still look and feel like yourself.

Not sure how to pose? I will guide you through everything and you just get to have fun! I will pose you in the most flattering ways bring all of your best features forward. You will truly love the way you look.

You can change looks throughout the shoot so we can cover all of your favorite lingerie and clothing options. We’ll get all of the feisty, fun, and sensual sides that make you the woman you are.

After the shoot

After we’re done with your session, you get to take a break for some lunch or coffee while I pick out the best of the best and get them ready for you. 90 minutes later you get to come back and we’ll view your images together and choose the perfect way for you to print them.

Once you’ve chosen your favorites, I’ll finish retouching everything and 1-2 weeks later you’ll have these beautiful photos to remind you every day how strong, beautiful, feminine, and confident you really are. In 20 years you will still be looking through your prints falling in love with yourself again and again. You will also get digital copies of each image you print so you can share them however you’d like, or still keep them for your eyes only.


This is not just your everyday photo session. This is a celebration of you. You don’t realize how truly beautiful you are and how happy you should be with your body until you do a boudoir shoot. I guarantee that this experience will be worth every penny.

Sessions are $399 and include professional hair/makeup styling. The shoots last 1-2 hours and we will review your images 90 minutes after your shoot is done. There is no minimum amount to order. You can see/feel samples of everything before you choose how to print your photos. Click here to download my guide with printing/pricing info and details to help you prepare for your empowering boudoir session.

“I was worried none of the pictures would come out because of my anxiety, but they were all so great and I received a lot of compliments.” ~Brittney