People You Need to Know Vol. 4

Ok, so this post might sound like a sales pitch, but I assure you I really do have just this many great things to say about Dr. Josh Ben.

Due to some nasty back pain, I had been to a couple doctors, massage therapists, and an acupuncturist before one of my clients told me to I have to meet this guy. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but read some pretty amazing reviews online about him. So I scheduled a consultation, and holy smokes! Dr. Josh practices what he preaches. Without sounding to woo-woo, his promotion of a healthier lifestyle, rather than a quick fix, really made a huge difference. I can sleep again. He has so many ideas that are easy to practice that will get you on track to keep your body running at its full potential.

Dr. Josh is fueled by optimism and radiates good vibes. He also knows his stuff when it comes to healthcare. After a too long a hiatus, I’m bringing back my interview series and I’d like to introduce you do Dr. Josh Ben.

Mike: Give us a 10 second history of Dr. Josh.

Dr. Josh: I was born and raised just outside Seattle, Washington. I am triplet and have two awesome sisters. I went to the University of Washington where I received my undergraduate degree in Biology. Shortly after I moved to Atlanta,Georgia where I attended Life University where I received my Doctorate in Chiropractic. The most amazing part about moving to Atlanta is that I met the love of my life Meghan. Shortly after I graduated, Meghan and I moved to Campbell where I opened my office, 100% Chiropractic, got married, and now are expecting our first child this November. I am truly blessed! 

Mike: How did you decide to start practicing chiropractics (is that the correct phrasing) professionally?

Dr. Josh: I have been going to a chiropractor my whole life! Literally getting my first adjustment at only a few days old. I knew growing up that I always wanted to be a chiropractor and that helping people change their life naturally, was my calling.  

Mike: Who is your ideal client? Who should walk through your door right now?

Dr. Josh: Every man, women, and child is an ideal patient in our office. Understand that Everyone has a spine, and that everyone should be keeping their spines and their nervous systems healthy not just when they are in pain, but always. We are a family oriented office. We love seeing day old babies all the way to 90 year old babies.

Mike: What should someone look for/ask about when choosing a chiropractor?

Dr. Josh: I truly believe that when looking for an incredible chiropractor that suits an individuals needs, that the chiropractor not only educate them about chiropractic thoroughly, but also empower them to make great decisions about their health overall in and outside of their office.

Mike: What was the most fulfilling experience you’ve had doing what you do?

Dr. Josh: Everyday is extremely fulfilling in our office. You never know on what day or what patient is going to come in and tell you their testimonial about how chiropractic has changed their health and their life, not just getting out of pain.

Mike: How do you stay excited about what you do?

Dr. Josh: When you are passionate about something that literally changes peoples lives everyday, there is nothing that excites me more than that.

Mike: Are there any myths you’d like to debunk?

Dr. Josh: “Once you go to a chiropractor, you will have to keep going.” In eight years of practice, I get this a lot. The way that I educate patients about this “myth” is to put things into context. Its like saying to someone, “once you go to a gym, you will have to go for the rest of your life, or if you eat really well, you can’t ever eat bad again.” As you can see, this does’t make sense. Now if you want to be healthy, free of pain, live an incredible life where your body is functioning at the highest of levels, guess what you should be going to a chiropractor for the rest of your life, you should be eating well for the rest of your life, and you should be working on your fitness for the rest of your life. 

Mike: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Dr. Josh: I wouldn’t change anything that has happened to me. I thank God everyday that I’m living that life that my wife Meghan and I worked so hard to achieve. 

Mike: What is the most important takeaway you’d like to give someone?

Dr. Josh: I truly believe that the number one factor that governs our happiness in life, is our health! If your not working on your health in some way, shape or form, get on it and start allowing your body to express its full potential.  

Mike: Can you suggest something actionable for our readers to work on?

Dr. Josh: Find someone in your life today, a friend, a pastor, a coworker, a chiropractor that is going to build you up with encouraging words so that you may push your health to a whole new level. Don’t settle for mediocrity anymore. Live life at 100%!!! 

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If you’d like to find Dr. Josh, click here to check out his website.

Or give him a call at (408) 340-5055, and Adrianna will help you get the ball rolling.

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