People You Need To Know Vol. 3

When I was privileged with a chance to sit in on a CreativeLive with Lindsay Adler I had the chance to meet one of the shows talented hosts.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into that day, but I ended up meeting some truly amazing people whose sole purpose in life is to better the lives of those around them.  It definitely struck a chord with me and I want to help get their word out.

I did this interview with Jamarie Milkovic so you could get to know her a little too.

Mike: What do you do. Tell us about your passion.

Jamarie: I work with smart women and female influencers who want to project an authentic, powerful presence and get exactly what they want.

I am also the author of an upcoming book“The Five Powers of Presence”, and founder of Master Your Presence, my signature online program for women to portray an authentic, powerful presence. And this IS my passion. I actively blog, speak and share tips about personal branding and presence.

My vibrant background has built up to my current work. I hold a degree in classical theatre and communications and was a professional actress for over a decade. I’ve played hundreds of characters in thousands of performances both on stage and screen. My performance experience ranges from voice and live talent for regional and national commercials, print campaigns, trade shows, films and industrials for notable brands such as Ford, Cadillac, Sprint, Turner, Cartoon Network, TBS, DIY Network, Lifetime Networks,, and, among many others. I was also a lead improvisor and instructor of improvisational comedy for the renowned Whole World Theatre in Atlanta.

In addition to my work with women, I am an on-air host for CreativeLive, an online education network that unleashes the creative potential of millions by connecting them live with the world’s most inspiring experts.

Mike:When did you decide to make it a career? What inspired the change?

Jamarie: Driven women want to know how they can grow their influence. I am constantly witnessing the potential of the smart women around me. I have the desire to teach and help them grow. Also, my own life has improved since understanding this mastery. The types of opportunities that I have been able to attract continue to be of a higher and higher calibre. So..I feel that it is a privilege and a duty to help other women experience the same positive results I’ve been able to. In addition, I have been an entrepreneur for nearly 15 years and I share these lessons with my clients, whether they work for a company or have their own. My clients have found my perspective incredibly helpful especially considering the widespread changes in the workplace.

Mike:Who are some of the people you look up to?

Jamarie: Some well known people that I look up to are Shiva Rea, Oprah, Arianna Huffington, and Richard Branson. The lesser known mentors that I have are mostly women who use their influence to make a positive change in the world, especially for women.

Mike:What is your favorite part about what you do?

Jamarie: Helping others get what they want is rewarding and witnessing a woman step into herself fully is phenomenal. I love listening to my clients visions, dreams and challenges and then walking them through a process that will help them navigate it all.

Mike:Least favorite?

Jamarie: I have so many great ideas, initiatives, books, products, etc. My greatest wish is to be able to attract talented support members on my team as I continue to expand and create. I have several amazing contributors so far, so I’m off to a great start.

Mike:Is there something new and exciting you can’t wait to tell everyone about?

Jamarie: Yes! This fall, I will be airing episodes from my series of interviews called “Women of Presence”.These female entrepreneurs, leaders and experts have been featured in CNN, NPR, Forbes,, The Huffington Post, to name a few. These powerful conversations will be hosted on Women of Presence.

In addition, I will launch my online program “Master Your Presence” this fall.

Mike:How have you grown by starting this venture?

Jamarie: Every step I take in my business puts me closer to the edge…in a good way! This movement gets me closer to experiencing true courage through persistence and action. Another exciting thing is that the longer I do this work, the more impactful it becomes

Mike:Where do you see yourself going in the next few years?

Jamarie: I’m invested in continuing to grow the influence and presence of women. This is my long-term focus. I have some grand ideas about how to take that to the next level and am attracting interest from potential partners in this venture. I’m hoping to establish a brick and mortar center for women to have a multi-dimensional experience with their growth. That’s the master plan for right now.

Mike:What advice do you have for someone wanting to turn their passion in to their career?

Jamarie: I love talking about this topic and here are my top tips:

Start, know it will change and stick with it.

The less perfect it is in the beginning, the more able you are to adapt as the right opportunities start to emerge.

Be curious, ready to learn and show up.

Make friends and keep the ones who believe in you and your dreams (however imperfect they are) very close to you.

Prepare yourself for those who won’t or can’t understand what you are doing and wish them well. DO NOT let them sway your passion.

Also, it’s so important to listen and adapt.

Most importantly, make sure that work is exciting for you because it is a long road.

Make yourself joyful and comfortable on the journey and surround yourself with fans and supporters. Don’t forget to support their dreams as well!