Preparing for your portrait session


It’s not everyday you get to indulge in the experience of a professional photo shoot unique to who you are as an individual. Here are some preparation guidelines to help you look and feel your best on your special day.


When you arrive, you will become acquainted with a professional hair and makeup artist ready to give you the look and styling of your choice. Remember: this is about you! We can be as creative and loud or as soft and natural as you’d like to be.
Hair and skin preparation are very important. Here are some tips:

  • Exfoliate and moisturize your skin the night before your shoot. Arrive with clean, makeup free skin.
  • Drink plenty of water before bed and the morning before your shoot to keep your skin AND yourself hydrated.
  • Get plenty of rest! A solid eight hours will help you feel good and look even better.
  • Wash and deep condition your hair before the shoot. Make sure to arrive with clean, dry hair.
  • Notify us of any allergies you may have to makeup, moisturizers, and hair product.


I offer an array of fabrics, accessories, and accent pieces to aid in enhancing the cinematic feel of your images. I also offer a complimentary rental from Rent the Runway or Dreamshoot Rentals to ensure we have the perfect outfits to compliment your personality. It’s also very important to bring your own selection of clothing and accessories from home. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Avoid busy patterns. We don’t want to look like a 90s dance video. Or do we…?
  • Make sure all of your items are wrinkle free. Iron your outfits and bring them on hangers. Avoid placing easily wrinkled fabrics in a suitcase or handbag.
  • Bring as many options as possible! The more the merrier. And don’t forget to bring accessories! Shoes, hats, jewelry, scarves, etc. Whatever makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.
  • A portrait session is a great excuse to go on a shopping spree. I would be more than happy to accompany you and help you pick out the perfect look.
  • Clean your nails or pamper yourself with a manicure the day before your shoot to mend any chipped nail polish. Select a color that compliments your wardrobe. A neutral color goes with everything!


It is my job to set you up for success! It’s an organic process. It’s normal and common to feel a bit nervous before the shoot and it may take a few minutes to warm up once we begin shooting. This is perfectly acceptable. When it comes to posing, it’s my job to provide you with a starting point and as time progresses and you become more comfortable, we’ll be able to capture you naturally and effortlessly. We can jump and dance, laugh and sing, or sit and reflect. As your personality shines through, I will capture your radiance!


The backdrop of your portraits is very important. Which part of the atmosphere speaks to you the most? Would you prefer something scenic with mountains, trees, or a grassy field? Would you prefer to be closer to the ocean with sand between your toes? Would you prefer the surroundings of downtown city life? Or, would you prefer an indoors studio shoot against an actual cloth backdrop? The choice is yours. I will scout the area to find and secure the best possible location according to your vision. And please feel free to notify me if there is an area you’d love to include in your photos.


  • Punctuality is important. It allows us to have the maximum time available to shoot. Plan for traffic and obstacles/detours on the road that may set you back a few minutes.
  • For children/pets, bring snacks and toys to aid in capturing their attention for the camera.
  • Give yourself a little extra time after our session. If we are on a roll and some real magic is happening, we might want to stay a few extra minutes.

Remember, this is about having fun, expressing yourself, and telling a story true to your being. I’ve dedicated the last several years of my life to this incredibly awe-inspiring and rewarding art form that allows me to capture individuals in their greatest light. I absolutely love what I do. Every portrait session is a cause for celebration, which is why we open a bottle of champagne at the beginning of every shoot. This adventure we are taking together is something to celebrate! Let’s do it right.